5 Stages of Online Teaching

Teacher’s Pet has created 5 stages for our 310 Hours Practicum Course. They are: Novice, Advanced Beginner, Competent, Proficient and Classroom Ready.  Each stage is focused on teaching you specific aspects of online teaching. Gain practical knowledge and learn how to become Classroom Ready to teach English online.

310 Hours Practicum Course

All of our services are available to course members.

Take a journey through the 5 Stages of the Course and learn step by step how to teach students using your device whether you’re tech savvy or not. Everything you’ll need as an Online Teacher, all in 1 Amazing Course. The value of what is included in the course is amazing, and as a member you will enjoy all future updates. Because Teacher’s Pet is connected to over 2500 Online teachers, topics of discussion lead to training that is added into the course. Information that you will have access to for life.

Practicum Primer Course

Foundation Training.

Free Access to this Teacher’s Pet online course, designed to provide aspiring educators with the fundamental information required for effective teaching. This course, designed for people new to the profession of online education, provides a condensed yet comprehensive overview of important first steps.

Accent Training.

Accent training is crucial for online English teachers, particularly when focusing on American and British accents, which are globally recognized as standard varieties of English. Mastery of these accents not only enhances teaching effectiveness but also improves student comprehension and engagement.

Learners worldwide are often exposed to American and British media.

Exposure makes these accents familiar and desirable for language acquisition.

Teachers who provide instruction in these accents offer more authentic language models.

Authentic language models aid in developing essential listening skills.

Authentic language models aid in developing essential communication skills.

These skills are applicable in international contexts.

Demo Practice​

Studying your text base TEFL and actually teaching a student in a classroom setting using your device are two different things. Let a Teacher’s Pet trainer be your student. We’ll select popular Course Material that most companies use so you can teach us. We’ll show you what to do and then allow you to practice. This is an Amazing confidence booster. All sessions are recorded and the materials you teach are included for free.


Explore Our Courses

Available Courses include:

  • Free Practicum Primer Course for Foundation Training.
  • 310 Hours Practicum Course – Take a 5 Stages Journey and gain practical skills.
  • Accent Training – Practice and develop an American or British accent.

Success Stories

At Teacher’s Pet, your success is Our success. We want to be the starting point of your Amazing Online Teaching career and we want to be the reason Teachers and Students connect. 

We love the feeling of getting feedback from Teachers telling us that they just got hired as a Teacher or that they just received their 1st paycheck after being unemployed for months, all thanks to their hard work and Teacher’s Pet. We want this for you too…

“Thank you Christo. I would recommend you to any person who wants to work online. Thank you so much for all your help, support, advice and going the extra mile really appreciate it.”

Nadine Online Teacher

“This Course is Worth the pricing. It saves you so much time,effort and money when looking for work. There are many scammers out there and there are many useless opportunities out there and this course helps you eliminate as many of those as possible. It is good value for the money”

Cheryl Online Teacher

“I got the job. Hii Christo. I just want to tell you quickly that I got the job. I start training on Wednesday with my T.A. Jamie. Greetings.” *Translated from Afrikaans.

Elsabe Online Teacher

I highly recommend Teacher’s Pet. Christo is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The service quality is truly exceptional and it is an absolute delight to work with him. He not only assisted me to get my first job in this industry, but he has been lending a helping hand whenever it’s most needed. I’m very impressed with his work ethic and his willingness to assist at any given time of the day. A formidable recruiter/mentor indeed! A special thank you to Christo and his team! May you continue to change lives wherever you go!

Luzanre Online Teacher

Christo at Teacher’s Pet is an absolute Gem! His support was key in landing my online teaching job. His expertise and friendliness made the process a breeze. Grateful for his guidance!

Mercia Online Teacher

Teachers Pet simplifies everything for ESL teachers, catering to both beginners and seasoned educators. The platform streamlines the process, making it straightforward for us to receive job updates and seamlessly apply for positions. I am genuinely delighted with the user-friendly experience Teachers Pet provides.❤️❤️🙏

Michell Online Teacher

Meet Our Teacher Trainers.

Each of our Trainers are experts in Productive skills. They’ll teach you how to use platforms like Zoom, Voov or Classin, how to teach young learners, teens or adults. They can show you how to conduct IELTS, Business English or Conversational English. Lessons are recorded and the materials you learn to teach will be included for free.

Specializes in:

Teaching Teens and Adults.

Accent Development both American and British. Teaching IELTS and Business English to Teens and Adults as well as Canva Designing.

Specializes in:

Teaching Young Learners.

Classroom Atmosphere, Management and Engagement. I can teach you how to use Zoom, Voov and Google Meet to teach your students.

Specializes in:

Foundation Training.

ClassIn Platform and PowerPoint presentations for Lesson Planning and creation. Teacher Carlin can teach you the basics as well as more advanced features. Doesn’t matter if you’re tech savvy or not.

Learn from our Blog

Ready for some light reading? We have taken smaller topics from the 310 Hours Practicum Course to add to our Blog. 

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